I am old, and there were many things I loved in my youth that I still love today. Here is where I will pay homage to them.


I loved these dumb things so much. I had a Tamagotchi, a Nano Baby, a Giga Pet, and maybe even some others.

I have recently learned that they are still making tamagotchis, and they are even cooler than the last time I got back into them. Is it weird if I buy myself a Tamagotchi Uni as a gift for myself when I finally get divorced? Don't answer that.

And now... I have a virtual one as well! If you click on them, it helps them to grow and gain new items!


I recieved my first Furby for Christmas in 1998. I was immediately totally in love and also completely fascinated. When they first came out there were a lot of rumors and misinformation about them, including that you could teach them swear words. I tried very hard to get that to happen, but alas, it turned out to be untrue.

I got a second Furby eventually, so that I could let them interact. The little dance parties they would throw together were absolutely the best. Dance! PARTY! Doo, doo, DOOOO! Doo, doo, DOOOO! You get it, they were great.

Chaos Island: The Lost World

I was recently reminded of a video game demo that came with the purchase of something else. Maybe the Gateway computer we got? I don't remember specifically. Chaos Island is a Jurassic Park themed strategy game, and the demo was pretty short. I don't know why, but I became obsessed with it.

I was never into Jurassic Park, and I had never played a strategy game (and I haven't been into them much since, either), but I couldn't put this demo down. I played it over and over. I just wanted to build bases and hatch dinosaurs. But I never bought the full game, so I never played more than that first 15 or 20 minutes. I'd like to remedy that some day.